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Physical Office Hours starting Wednesday, February 1, 2023 through Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Monday: 9-5pm | Tuesday: 12-8pm | Wednesday: 9-5pm | Thursday: 12–8pm | Friday: Closed | Saturday: 9-4pm | Sunday: Closed
After Tax Season starting Wednesday, April 19, 2023 through January 31, 2024
By appointment only.  Please contact us if you need to stop by the office for any reason.

For both existing and prospective clients:

It’s is strongly encouraged that ALL taxpayers create an online account with the IRS.  At this time it is EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with the IRS by phone or mail.  An online account with the IRS will give us quick and easy access to important records and communications from the IRS.  Examples include: tax return and account transcripts, advanced child tax credit payment records, stimulus payment records, and more.  The verification process can be challenging and unfortunately our office is not able to help with that process given it’s nature, other then to point you to the proper page on the IRS webpage.  You can complete the process by clicking here.

NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Please contact our office by phone prior to submitting any paperwork.  

Step 1: Complete the Engagement Letter and Client Organizer.  All clients must complete these.  How?

  1. TAXDOME: An electronic version of both will be made available. Contact us if you don’t see them.
  2. DOWNLOAD: A fillable pdf version can be downloaded here.
    Engagement Letter – 2022 (Fillable).pdf
    Client Organizer – 2022
  3. OFFICE VISIT: Stop by our office for printed copies. If you have a tax appointment, you can complete it when you get here, but we strongly recommend completing it ahead of time.  It may remind you of additional info you need to gather.

Step 2: Provide your tax documents.  How?

  1. TAXDOME: Upload your documents on your computer or with your phone’s camera in the TaxDome App. Documents can be uploaded while completing the Organizer or later.  Indicate your done uploading documents only after you’ve uploaded ALL documents you plan to upload.
  2. MAIL: Mail your documents with the completed Engagement Letter and Client Organizer to our office.
  3. OFFICE VISIT: Drop your documents during office hours. Outside of office hours, please leave a secured envelope inside the white mailbox.
  4. EMAIL or Text: Don’t. Please take the time to utilize TaxDome.  If you can email attachments, you can use the portal.

Step 3: Delivery of your completed tax return copies.  How?  You tell us how when you complete the Questionnaire/Organizer.

  1. TAXDOME: Electronic pdf delivery to your secure portal.
  2. MAIL: We will mail you a package with the completed return copies.
  3. OFFICE VISIT: We will contact you for pick-up when the return is complete and packaged.

Step 4: Required signatures.  Your return cannot be filed on your behalf without a signed copy of IRS Form 8879 and any required State equivalents.  How?

  1. TAXDOME E-Signature: Electronic signature request via TaxDome. If married, both spouses must have a unique email and account. If you can’t e-sign for any reason or if married and only 1 spouse has an email address, we will upload a pdf copy that must be printed, signed and returned.
  2. MAIL: We will mail the required signature forms for you to return
  3. OFFICE VISIT: You can stop by to sign the required forms. If married, both spouses must sign.

 Step 5: Payment for our services. How?

  1. TAXDOME: Your balance will appear in Taxdome and can be paid via bank ACH payment.
  2. MAIL: We will mail you an invoice for payment by cash, check, or charge.
  3. OFFICE VISIT: Pay your bill in person via cash, check, or charge.