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For both existing and prospective clients:

It’s is strongly encouraged that ALL taxpayers create an online account with the IRS.  At this time it is EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with the IRS by phone or mail.  An online account with the IRS will give us quick and easy access to important records and communications from the IRS.  Examples include: tax return and account transcripts, advanced child tax credit payment records, stimulus payment records, and more.  The verification process can be challenging and unfortunately our office is not able to help with that process given it’s nature, other then to point you to the proper page on the IRS webpage.  You can complete the process by clicking here.

NEW CLIENTS ONLY: Please contact our office by phone prior to submitting any paperwork.  

Required forms and steps to prepare your tax return
1) Complete the
Engagement Letter and Client Questionnaire. For married couples, we only require one person to sign off on these documents.
– Online Version: Complete it here (mobile/tablet friendly) While it can work and should work on mobile devices or tablets, it is easiest to complete via computer.
– PDF Version for download or print: Engagement Letter and Client Questionaire.
– You can also pick-up and drop-off copies of these documents at our office
2) Provide your tax documents, which can be submitted by any of the following methods:
– By shared folder via our secure client portal.  Please email us to request a new shared folder.
– By secure upload directly to Josh (click here).
– By email with attachment(s)
– By fax to (609) 752-0708
– By mail to: JCM Tax Service, 163 Burlington Path Rd, Ste G, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
– By texting images of your documents to (609) 752-0707
– Drop off in mail box or reception desk at Cream Ridge office
3) Delivery of your completed tax return copies:
– By electronic delivery via our secure client portal
– By USPS priority mail
– By pick-up / drop-off
4) Payment for our services can be completed in the following ways:
– By electronic invoice sent via email
– By phone
– By mail
– Drop-off at Cream Ridge office
– In-Person at Cream Ridge office
4) Signatures required to authorize the eFiling and completion of your tax return(s):
– See #3 above



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